Environmental, Social and Governance

Building A More Inclusive Tomorrow

At JADCO we recognize a responsibility to people and the planet not in spite of our business model, but because of it. Long-term value requires long-term vision. That’s why we build sustainable, future-proof projects that increase economic stability and enhance the calibre of infrastructure and community we leave to future generations.


Our Commitment to ESG

Our firm upholds a strong dedication to environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and corporate governance, which is reflected in our approach to managing our business, engaging with stakeholders, and supporting the communities we operate in. This commitment enables us to make informed decisions that benefit everyone involved and ensure a sustainable future in the long run.

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Guiding Principles



We endeavor to build JADCO projects using the most responsible, sustainable practices, actively raising the bar for environmental stewardship in urban development.



We prioritize people – our employees, our investors, our partners, and all the people who live, work and interact with our communities, enhancing their experience, every day.



We adhere to a rigorous internal structure that focuses on progress, transparency, and responsible management of risk, to meet the needs of our stakeholders and ensure our long-term success.

In the coming years, the ESG program that stands out will be the one that integrates into the thoughts and actions of each employee, influencing their daily tasks. Our goal is that when asked "who is accountable for ESG?", every one of us will confidently raise our hand, indicating our collective responsibility.

– Carole Doudak


Enablers of Success

Accelerating impact across our Corporate Sustainability and Responsible Investment activities requires a multi-year focus of a robust and vibrant ESG program: 1) Embedding ESG into our culture to shape our priorities and drive implementation, 2) Increasing transparency through data, and 3) Expanding our spheres of influence through external partnerships


Embedding ESG into
Our Culture

After creating and communicating clear ESG strategies across all our existing properties, new developments and corporate functions in 2022, we began to add dedicated ESG specialists and robust reporting initiatives. We believe a combination rigorous reporting and accountability is the best way to integrate ESG within each team’s culture.


Increasing Transparency
Through Data

While 2022 was a year for defining the data collection needs for each ESG integration plan, 2023 will be the year of more systematic collection and analysis of that data. We are doubling our efforts to certify more projects and expand future reporting, both on a property level and overall corporate governance.


Engaging with Like-Minded Partners to Move Our Industry Forward

Just as we focus on accelerating the impact we can achieve directly, we know that longer-lasting systemic change will only happen through partnering with other likeminded firms, shareholders, limited partners, industry associations, and non-profits, among others. In 2022 we launched industry initiatives with our institutional partners and supported other programs that we feel have the potential to transform ESG practices across our industry.


Resilient communities built for
the long-term

At JADCO we are committed to improving the built environment for people and the planet, developing resilient communities designed to thrive for generations. Our focus on sustainability encompasses all aspects of ESG, because we know that buildings that consider housing affordability, access to real estate, health, wellness, green-building and the environment, are buildings that maximize economic sustainability and long-term returns. LEED, WELL, BREEAM - with each new certification we achieve, we are one step closer to greener properties that lower operating costs, reduce vacancies, and enhance livability.


Our Commitment to Affordability

As a builder and private owner, we are proud to work in collaboration with the Société Canadienne of Mortgages and Housing (CMHC) to fulfill its mission to make housing affordable for everyone in Canada.


"Housing allows people to retain their employment, to do better in school and to participate more fully to society. The affordability of housing and the stability of the financing system housing provide the foundation for a strong and safe, where everyone lives in dignity"


We are proud to announce our commitment to invest, together with our institutional partners, $250 million over the next three years to help achieve this critical goal.

TO ACHIEVE THIS, we are determined to guarantee the implementation of projects with a strong social and environmental mission. that include at least 10% to 15% affordable housing offered to a maximum of 30% of median renter income. We are also committed to ensuring that the affordable housing we support is of high quality and offers the same standards of comfort and safety as the other accommodations. We recognize that housing affordability is a basic need for many Canadians, especially low-income households, the elderly and people with disabilities. That's why we are ready to work closely with CMHC to develop innovative and sustainable affordable housing solutions. Also, we are committed to continuing our research and work to develop innovative solutions that enable Canadians to benefit from affordable housing without sacrificing quality and comfort. We are confident that our commitment to housing affordability will help improve the quality of life of Canadians, strengthen their health and well-being, and foster a healthy and stable economy.


We continuously advance our approach to reduce our environmental footprint


Energy Efficiency

We take proactive measures to reduce energy usage through efficient design and retrofit standards and the production of renewable energy.


Resource Conservation

By implementing systems designed to capture and reuse resources such as rainwater, our developments help preserve the natural world and set high sustainability standards.


Climate Change

With an eye toward the future, we are evaluating how to make our developments more resilient in the face of climate change and reduce emissions portfolio wide.


Building a net zero carbon community

Jadco is addressing urgent challenges presented by the global climate crisis with low carbon construction, renewable power integration, circular economy principles and carbon offsetting, empowering everyone who lives and works within the community to make low carbon lifestyle choices. Jadco's goal is to achieve new zero carbon emissions by 2030 at the latest.

2022 Environmental, Social, Governance Report

Read the full ESG report detailing Jadco's environmental efforts, community engagement programs, philanthropic initiatives, commitment to affordable housing and business ethics overview.