integrated real estate

Vertically Integrated Real Estate That Creates Lasting Value

Our in-depth expertise in the entire development cycle translates into greater value for our investors and robust, resilient assets that outperform over the long term.

A Sector Focused Approach to Development

With more than three decades in the business, we know the ins and outs of the development industry. Our seamless vertical integration allows us to oversee every step of the development process, from inception to completion, through land acquisition, community stakeholder relationship management, project management, construction, service, delivery, customer care, and property management. Our unique expertise is our competitive edge.


Our in-house research team brings an experienced and focused approach to helping guide the company’s investment strategy and market selection as well as aiding in the analysis of market assumptions and major economic drivers that may impact investment performance. Our research team utilizes a proprietary research framework supported by:

  • Top-down fundamental economic and market investment research
  • Real-time, bottom-up market intelligence from the company’s local investment footprint and regional transactional and operating teams

This framework is used to make market allocation decisions and to guide underwriting assumptions for individual transactions.

Because our in-house research team is integrated directly into the investment sourcing, underwriting and approval processes, we can develop more astute market viewpoints, as well as economic, investment and property fundamental outlooks.


Intelligent Acquisitions

Using a proprietary set of investment criteria that incorporates environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, Jadco is uniquely equipped to identify, and rapidly capitalize on, opportunities for acquisition that will generate recurrent income, while maximizing value over the long term. With an expert understanding of the link between sustainability and investment performance, we look for, and integrate, sustainable elements into our properties to help mitigate risk, future-proof our sites, and maximize market value.


Developments That Set the Standard For Success

At JADCO we don't just build properties, we develop landmark sites that deliver lasting value to investors and communities. We place a premium on exceptional design, outdoor space and sustainable construction methods, not only because they provide stronger financial returns, but because they ensure that the people who live, work and interact with our communities live better, live healthier, live happier because of us.


Building for Tomorrow, Today

We take a long-term, build-and-hold approach to real estate investment, and the best way to ensure that our projects perform well tomorrow, is to build them with rigorous attention to quality and detail today. Using leading-edge design and construction techniques, with best-in-class architects, we deliver efficient buildings with lower operating expenses and a better built environment for people and the planet. As a result, JADCO buildings command top-of-market rents, enjoy lower vacancy rates, and attract high-end clientele with an appreciation for high-quality built heritage that lasts.


Service Makes the Difference

With an exemplary reputation for exceptional property management and customer care, JADCO not only attracts some of the best tenants, we also add real value to the bottom line, providing the superior service and operational excellence that materially increases the income profile and market value of our properties. We strive to be the property manager of choice, defining industry standards, and never wavering from our commitment to our clients and the community.

An integrated approach allows us to deliver industry leading financial returns while improving outcomes for our investors, while, at the same time, improving the experience for everyone who lives, works and interacts with a Jadco site.

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